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Should surgical review be trusted?

There are a lot of cosmetic surgical reviews in the internet world. Which one could be trusted? Which one is real ? Which one is marketing campaign? Some succeed but many failed when they followed the reviews.
Actually surgical reviews from the patients are very useful to the following one if they had honestly reviewd from their experiences. Some good and some bad are normal for surgery. People can judge by themselves. But marketting has extremely involved to the medicine then it had distorted the information including surgical reviews on the internet. It easily make the people to trust with good planned marketting but it is seriously harmful to clients.Some reviewers or bloggers can get a lot of money from these.

Does amount of reviews correspond with the ability of doctor?
Many famous and capabilty Thai doctors have been little reviewed comparing with high reviews of non experienced doctors. Why? Because they don't want to use marketting and most of their clients are social famous persons who don't want to show themselves in the social. A lot of patients come to them from words of mouth that is more trust than the reviews.

What should I do?
You can get the info and read the reviews that related to your intersting topics but you should not believe all of them. 
You have to see the doctor who will operate for you ,not the agent or seller at the front desk.
If you cannot talk or consult with the doctor,please leave away.
Who is the doctor? What's qualifaication? Is there Board certified or only meeting certification?
Has doctor cleared all your questions? etc.

If you can do above things,it 's much useful and it can prevent the failure of surgery.