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Nose Augmentation

Besides the height of nasal bridge, the nasal tip that is the most crucial part of nose is carefully performed to produce an aesthetically pleasing nose. 

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

To create the natural looking nose and to prevent the long term side effect, combination of implant material with autogenous tissue procedure comes to be goal standards for augmentation rhinoplasty in Asian people.

Possible Side Effect

Deviation, infection and extrusion of silicone implant is not uncommon when improper placement and handling are performed. Uncertain resorption rate and deformation of cartilage graft are possible long term drawbacks.


Bruising and swelling usually subside in one week. Natural appearance occurs in 3-4 months.


Augmentation rhinoplasty can make a remarkable difference in facial profile. The nose appears more proportion to the face. The degree of improvement varies to the details and design of procedure.

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Advised photo: Front and Side view (Face – no facial expression, no make up)