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Laser eyebag surgery

Laser eyebag surgery is our popular eyebag removal service. It can be called as Weekend surgery.

Surgical procedure

Using CO2 Laser places the incisions just inside the lower eyelid. After the excess fat is removed the wound will close by itself without any kind of suture. Laser blepharoplasty procedure takes only 20-30 minutes .

Possible side effect

The swelling is quite less in this surgery for few days. The possible complication is hematoma at home . There is no infection found.


There is less swelling then  the patient can return to work in few days by laser blepharoplasty like as a weekend surgery. 

Who's a good candidate?

Even laser eyebag surgery is a good procedure for eyebag removal ,it's not advised for patient who has excess skin or more wrinkles under eyes.

Please attach the photo file if you require our doctor assesment. One submit for one photo.
Advised photo: Front and Side view (Face – no facial expression, no make up)