Nano Fat

Nano fat is a new concept in fat grafting, which enhance the facial fine lines, skin texture , dark circles and thinning skin associated with aging.

What's Nanofat?

Nano fat does not have the capacity to build up a significant fat volume like as Microfat.  The major effect of Nano fat injection is probably a stem cell activity as an in vivo tissue engineering process.

What’s Nano fat process?

After the fat is removed from a targeted area,the healthy fat and adipocyte derived stromal vascular fraction (Ad-SVF) will be passed through emulsification process and be filtered to small parcels with special device .

What’s advantage of Nanofat?

We use Nano fat for facial fine lines, wrinkles, dark circle, sun damage skin and hand rejuvenation. To improve the volume and skin texture in special area like as periorbital and perioral part, Micro fat and Nano fat technique will be combined for the maximum result.

How long does it last?

Nano fat transfer results can last longer than most traditional methods, such as dermal fillers. Anyway the result also depends on each physical health.

Before & After





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