Dark Circles

Dark under eye circles can be caused by different things from heredity, allergies, poor sleep to facial aging. Bulging fat, thinning skin and volume loss at under eyes are quite common causes of dark under eye circles.

Surgical Procedure

In case of shadowing effect from baggy lower eye, transconjunctival laser blepharoplasty or lower eyelid surgery is generally the most effective way to permanently get rid of dark circles. Microfat or Nanofat injections into tear troughs are also recommended for correction of dark circles.

Possible Side Effect

Over or under correction caused by uncontrollable fat survival. More bruising and swelling are not uncommon when several procedures are done at a single time.


Even the swelling and bruising can disappear in two weeks, the smoothness under eye will be exactly presented after three months


Tired and hollowed under eyes are replaced with the smoother and younger looking eyes.

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Advised photo: Front and Side view (Face – no facial expression, no make up)