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Endo-Forehead augmentation

Most of asian people are borned with flat or undulated foreheads but many of them pay attention only nose and chin. Facial harmonisation could not be perfected without smooth and voluminous forehead

Forehead augmentation procedures

Now a day,there are several procedures to enhance forehead area.Each has advantage and disadvantage. The most effective procedure is endoscopic customized forehead silicone implant.

Customized implant with scope surgery

3D customize forehead silicone implant can be made to fit individual forehead contour. 

Combination with Endoscopic surgery that can reduce the incision size and recovery time.  They can solve many problems of other methods.


The procedure takes only one hour to do with 3 small incsions in the hair line. The recovery time is about 5-7 days depends on your physical health.

Possible risk

Bleeding,hematoma and tempolary paresthesia are possible complications.

Previous treatment at forehad area like as filler or fat injection should be informed before this surgery.

Please attach the photo file if you require our doctor assesment. One submit for one photo.
Advised photo: Front and Side view (Face – no facial expression, no make up)