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Fat transposition

To refresh under eye area,not only eye bag but tear trough or hollowness of under eye should be considered as well. In case of mild tear trough,eyebag removal alone can improve both baggy and tear trough. Anyway additional procedures are required in case of deep tear trough or hollowness. To fill up the decfect,volume replacement is necessary. Dermal filler or fat injection is commonly used for this indication. 

Nowadays there is an alternative treatment to treat tear trough or hollowness,called fat transposition. Instead of fat removal,eye bag fat are used to fill up the defect by transposing the fat from orbital cavity to the orbital rim underneath the orbital muscle. The transposed fat will be fixed to the bone preventing later displacement. By this technique , baggy eye would be reduced together with tear trough correction. 
Anyway we cannot do fat transpostion for all cases because some have small amount of fat comparing with depth of tear trough or hollowness. In this case ,microfat or nanofat transfer is still necessary . 

Consultation with the expert surgeon to determine your condtion is the key success for under eye improvement.