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Options in double eyelid surgery

The present methods for double eye lid surgery,DE.
1.Suturing DE
   Double eyelid fold would be creaed by suturing from inside of eyelid with tiny nondissolveable threads in 3-5 points. This method is good for one  who has thin eyelid skin without baggy fat. There is no outside scar with fast recovery time.The result can lasts for years. Anyway there is a chance of loosening or disrupted of threads in long term.
2.Short scar DE
   It looks like conventional upper eyelid surgery but the incision is shorter about 1  cm in length. By this method,we can set the fold height together with fat removal. It 's good for one who has baggy upper eye without skin excess.
3.Conventional DE
  This is an standard procedure that excess skin,fat and double lid fold should be treated in one session. There will be longer scar and recovery time than other method. Usually we will use this technique for elder one.
4.Single point DE
  Some doctor will fix only one point for double eyelid surgery. Even this is possible to do that ,shape of double lid fold will not be natural looking then it's not popular method.

Double eyelid surgery may looks like easy procedure  but there are a lot of details to be concerned. If there is something wrong ,revision eyelid surgery is difficult. Consultation with experienced doctor could prevent complication and unsatisfactory result.