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  Lip shape represents your personality and portray
Lips are indeed revealing spots of our face, making them look sensual and perfectly conditioned is indeed one of the secret weapons to make our look more appealing. Lip enhancements are not only aimed for proportioned to your face, they can be reshaped to your designs. Full lips, wide lips, round lips, thin lips and bow-shaped lips of the celebrities are common ideal lip shapes the woman requires. “Whether your lips are plump, wide or thin, they represent your personality and the way you portray yourself. “ many makeup artists said.
Lip enhancements usually mean lip reduction and lip augmentation.
To reduce and reshape the thick lip, lip reduction procedure is a standard surgical procedure that excess lip mucosa and muscle will be removed with the linear incision along the lip according to designed lip shape. Swelling lip recovers in one week but the ultimate result usually requires 1-3 months to become fully apparent. Only flake scar appears on the lip's mucosa.
Different from lip reduction, several methods are used in lip enhancement to fulfill or to finely shape the lip contour. Many artificial dermal filler are launched in the market but temporary filler is still safer in long term outcome. Hyaluronic acid base filler like as Juvederm or Restylane is commonly used in lip augmentation. It’s quite easy to line and to shape the lip like an Artist with dramatic result and less recovery time. Due to mobility part of the face, temporary lip filler lasts not so long, about 3-6 months and touch up treatment is required.
For longer lasting outcome, microfat injection or dermal fat grafting is a dominant alternative procedure. However resorption effect and hardly fine shaping the lip contour are the concerned drawbacks of plastic surgeon.

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