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Siam Swan Clinic in Thiland tourism guided book 2018


Dr.Niwet Sermsintham,M.D.,is the founder and current director of the Bangkok-based Siam Swan Cosmetic Clinic. Having received Board certification in plastic surgery in 1992, he has been performing innovative endoscopic cosmetic procedures for almost two decades.

The advanced procedures at Siam Swan Cosmetic Clinic focus on eye, eyelid and eyebrow lifts, which apply both invasive and non-invasive techniques-leaving patients looking and feeling younger.

For instance, the Endoscopic Brow lift procedure targets drooping or lowered eye brows-one of the earliest signs of aging. Using highly-technical endoscopic equipment, this procedure involves smaller incisions than traditional cosmetic brow lifts, resulting in minimal scaring and a much quicker recovery.

Another popular procedure is blepharoptosis, a type of upper eyelid surgery targeting excess skin and sagging muscle tissue. Performed under local anesthetics, the end-result is an instantly-younger look that will last for years to come.

A final technique employed by Dr.Sermsintham is Laser blepharoplasty which involves tiny incisions along inside of lower eyelid. This enables excess fat to be removed, one of main causes of baggy eyes. Taking only 30 minutes and leaving little-to-no noticeable marks,this is one of his most popular anti-aging procedures.