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Dear Dr. Niwet,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for your excellent care in doing plastic surgery and Lipolysis on me! Please feel free to share it with your other patients.
In my personal opinion, a good plastic surgeon must not only be well-trained medical doctor, but must also posses a fine, aesthetic sense for physical beauty and how to enhance it in their patient. On both of these rules you are highly qualified in your field of expertise. I would recommend you as one of the top surgeons in Thailand.
I appreciate your giving time to explain in depth what an endoscopic eyebrow lift procedure is like and answered all my questions and concerns. I never felt rushed or pressed to do anything right away. It gave me great confidence in you and that I picked the right surgeon for an endoscopic procedure (which I know requires extra training).
The results were just what I had hoped for. You gave me a nice, natural look with good eyebrow symmetry and height. And my scars are almost non-existent after three weeks.
Also, I picked you for Lipolysis since you are one of the few Thailand doctors that went Germany to get the specialized training for this new procedure. I am happy I had this treatment instead of normal liposuction. It was much easier than liposuction and I'm quite pleased with the results. I've noticed (other people noticed too!) my double chin is going away after 4 weeks.
Thank you again, Dr. Niwet, for everything!
Tina Boyd
Portland, Oregon USA
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