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I would like to recommend Dr. Niwet to anyone who wishes to have liposuction. It’s been almost one month since I had liposuction on my legs, and I’ve already been amazed how much my legs have been changed. Not only my legs are now slimmer and less fatty, but also they actually have better figures!
Liposuction is a delicate job. It is not just about sucking fat, it is about sculpting your body. So your Doctor has to have a good taste and know what is beauty in female figures.. When I was doing research of doctors for liposuction in Thailand, I found Dr. Niwet’s name on some Japanese site, a lady, a wife of Japanese expatriate in Thailand, recommended him for liposuction there. When I saw his clinic’s web site, I really liked his career history and experiences.
So I decided to put him on my lists. Then, I started to send e-mails to ask about liposuction to several doctors or hospitals, including Dr. Niwet, other well-known doctors and big names such as Yanhee and Bmrungrad. After several e-mail consultations, I found Dr. Niwet is outstanding, because of his rapid response (within 24 hours and always directly from him), clear and straight forward explanations, realistic attitudes etc. He explained not only the advantages of liposuction, but also disadvantages and risks. He told me what he could do and cannot for me to have realistic expectations to liposuction. He always gave me straightforward answers for my every single question. So it was very easy for me to choose Dr. Niwet out of others.
When I arrived to Bangkok and saw Dr. Niwet for consultations, he was exactly what I imagined. If not, better. It took about 1 hour for consultations and by the time it ended, everything about my liposuction operation was clear.
To be honest, I do not remember anything about my operation because I was put into sleep by general anesthesia. All I can tell you is I did not feel any pain at all. Even when I woke up after operation, the strongest pain I had was something like muscle-ache after too much workout at Gym. So I was very surprised how painless it was.
Like I said it’s been almost one month, since I had liposuction. My legs have been healing very well. I do not have any bruises any more, my skins are very smooth and have no unevenness and the incision cuts are very small and just look like insect-bites. Most importantly my legs are slimmer! I feel very lucky that I found Dr Niwet and I can’t appreciate him more than enough for his excellent job he’s done for me. I will definately come back again for liposuction on my arms next year.
Reiko Inoue
London, UK
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